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Coaching philosophy

​An Evolving Approach


Birgit’s approach is rooted in the principles of integral coaching® – an approach that enables you to become more present, less reactive, connect better with yourself and others, have a longer-term view (and therefore more patience), and have more courage and much less attachment to your views, preferences and habits. Through integral coaching, you can respond freely and creatively.


Integral coaching draws together elements of your life that have become fragmented (disintegrated). From the first session, Birgit learns as much as possible about you and your world. She is interested in what is happening at home, at work, your physical practices, your social relationships and your spiritual life. She will be curious about the culture you are living in, and how you relate to your broader environment. This allows her to form a full picture of you, before turning to the issue that prompted coaching and asking questions like:

  • Why is this issue so difficult for my client?

  • What interpretation of the world makes them unable to generate the solution to this problem on their own?

  • What skills and competencies would help them to develop a more powerful interpretation?

  • What activities will develop those skills and competencies?


From there, she will develop a programme tailored specifically to you – one that is both practical (help for the short term) and integral (developing over time) to shift your life in a transformative way.


Integral coaching is an evolving approach that has proven to be the most comprehensive response to you – exactly as you are now, while considering the manifestations of something larger. It is a way of coaching that feels doable for you, but provides long-term impact for deeper, lasting growth.

Its philosophical roots draw on Western and Eastern influences to form a sound theoretical base.


Coaching is

  • A partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential

  • A process to understand your challenges and opportunities

  • A way of co-creating your development plan, drawing on the combined wealth of experience and education between you and your coach

  • Defined steps to optimise your plan and reach your goals

Coaching is not

  • Therapy – healing pain, dysfunction, conflict, improving psychological wellbeing

  • Mentoring – expert provides wisdom, guidance and advice based on own experience (may include counselling and coaching)

  • Training – based on objectives set by trainer; defined learning path against set curriculum

  • Consulting – retained for expertise, diagnose problems and prescribe, sometimes implement solutions


A journey of discovery

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