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“We imagine a world in which the vast majority of people wake up inspired, feel safe wherever they are and end the day fulfilled by the work they do.”

Simon Sinek

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What keeps you awake at night?

Are you wrestling with reaching your goals?

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Helping you set and achieve your professional goals


Birgit combines a master’s degree in psychology, over 20 years’ business experience and thousands of hours as an executive coach to help you set and achieve your professional goals. Life goals too. Her integral coaching style has helped successful executives resolve leadership challenges just as much as it has helped rising stars develop their fullest potential.


With a rare blend of international experience and local insight, Birgit has helped companies of all sizes develop their teams towards shared goals. Her deep understanding of people and behaviour is rooted in neuropsychology, one of the most powerful ways of working with the brain to enhance your personal growth and motivation to succeed – in business and in life.

Deep impact. Sustainable transformation.

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Experience and expertise

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Why coaching?

For your business to succeed in today’s marketplace, your people need to be as effective as your promotional and marketing campaigns. Birgit has focused passionately on the sustainable development of people and markets for over 20 years, with clients in southern Africa and internationally. Deep insights gained during her own corporate experience, much of which was at executive level, helps her support executives as they unlock processes that create new, more effective ways of thinking, working and engaging. Her formal psychology training, combined with her business experience, offers clients powerful development and transformation processes that set them up for success. Birgit focuses on leadership coaching with CEOs, executives, managers, as well as anyone who recognises that success – whatever that means – is a choice.


This is where coaching comes in.



Coaching has proven to be the most effective way of developing people for lasting behavioural change and transfer of learning. In a safe, confidential environment, your coach will help you to:

  • Develop your full potential through insight

  • Set ambitious but achievable goals

  • Develop a clear plan to reach these goals

  • Achieve enduring excellence through competence and fulfilment

  • Develop your ability to self-correct and self-generate.

"Coaching is making a real difference in leadership development, adding value to the coachee, company and country."


Industrial psychologist, university professor, South Africa


Executive coaching is a private, one-on-one (or virtual) process focused on developing insights and actions that help you become more satisfied and competent in your work environment. By being more effective and more fulfilled, you are better able to contribute to your business now and in future.

Coaching develops inspirational leaders – people who think deeply and reflect. People who use their understanding, self-awareness and belief in themselves and others to unite groups, accelerate action and fuel personal growth.

In essence, coaching ignites motivation, breaks down personal barriers, and sometimes heals, to reach your goals and deliver performance you might have considered impossible.


Executive coaching

  • Fast-track managers to set goals, lead their teams, build relationships and create a professional development plan to achieve their goals

  • Develop individuals with high potential

  • Eliminate toxic behaviours

  • Transition and career coaching

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Enhancing personal impact

  • Diversity and cultural competence

  • Persuasion and influence

  • Personal branding

  • Identify your purpose, thrive personally and professionally, and improve business performance.

Beach at Sunset

Leadership coaching

  • Prepare senior managers for executive positions

  • Enhance innovative and creative thinking

  • How to be a respected leader

  • Maintaining healthy work-life balance

  • Leading with purpose

  • Facilitate change management

  • Understand your strengths and constraints – from career development to leadership skills, business start-ups and entrepreneurship, life skills, personal fulfilment, work-life balance, and acquiring specific skills

  • Manage conflict, change and stress more effectively, improve your performance, manage your time.

Coaching in person or virtually
on a number of platforms.
Foggy Mountains


  • Team coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Organisational development

  • Organisational change and performance

  • Leadership transition and succession planning

  • The manager as coach  

  • Team building to increase productivity and performance

  • Strategy – planning and implementation

  • In-house coaching and mentoring programmes – from development to implementation

  • Developing/supporting change-management programmes

  • Adapting to the changing business world by building competence.

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Time to think. Room to breathe. Someone to listen.



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Calm Sea

Deep impact. Sustainable transformation.



Contact Birgit to find out more

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Success stories

[After the positive experience during an initial 12-month coaching contract] to complement our group talent management strategy, we extended Birgit’s consultancy contract twice. We observed personal and professional growth in our team, managerial effectiveness was enhanced, and we had zero turnover in the team participating in executive coaching.

Talent executive, industrial sector

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your way to a successful future
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+264 (0)81 122 3302

Coaching in English, German and Afrikaans for clients world-wide,

in person or virtually on a number of platforms.

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New Venture West Certified Integral Coac
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