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Effective leadership is crucial for business resilience during the pandemic. It hasn’t been easy.

Executives and entrepreneurs have had to completely reimagine their approach to how they lead, from where to how they communicate, and everything in between. "Soft skills" have become more important than before, and in the face of ongoing uncertainty, leaders are well advised to continue investing in their leadership development.

Nowadays, perhaps more than ever, leaders are spending a significant amount of time dealing with the fears and feelings of their teams. Guiding people through adversity is challenging. And what about their own feelings? What skills are needed to get through this year with the minimum "collateral damage"? LinkedIn lists the most in demand skills for 2021 as: creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and emotional intelligence.

In these times, the best leaders rise to the occasion and triumph.

And if you take a close look into the mirror, how are you doing as leader?

Thriving and successful?

Imperfect and feeling stuck?

Or somewhere in-between?

Have you asked yourself recently how well you know yourself? What you are really passionate about? And how you are using your strengths to manage the challenges and uncertainty for the good of your business and your people? How do you foster a sense of belonging, while nurturing resilience and commitment amongst your team and stakeholders?

2021 has not brought the relief that many have been hoping for. As executive coach, I find myself intensively coaching clients (albeit at a safe social distance) from across the business spectrum. For most, by now, reality has hit. Painful consequences have become clear. Clients must come to grips with the fact that this year is, again, about raw survival, not success. This is not an easy situation for ambitious high-flyers. They need to find effective ways of avoiding exhaustion and burnout, creating some sort of flow needed to manage the business, and investigate new ways of defining themselves and what they bring to the world. How are you doing?

My clients are people who want to have significant impact, live joyful lives, and build a more sustainable world. If you want to explore your path to success and happiness and want to work with me, you can contact me at or find out more information on my website

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