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Leadership is not a solo flight!

As a leader, your performance is only as good as the aggregated performance of your team. Leadership is not a solo flight!

How do you ignite your team to deliver the results you require? Working with an executive coach might be an answer!

Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between certain leadership behaviours and commitment to performance of employees. These behaviours include relationship trust, inspiring a shared vision, encouraging creativity and emphasising development as positive aspects that motivate staff.

Motivating your team is a delicate and purposeful challenge that requires more than an annual review or jotting a few notes in someone’s personnel file. Just like getting in shape or learning a new language, bolstering the motivation and performance levels of your employees won’t happen overnight.

Research also shows that there is not a single best style of leadership. Rather, leaders need to assess their goals and determine which style – or combination of styles – lends itself best to the current situation and the organisational culture. An executive coach is an ideal sparring partner to help you develop your unique leadership style and lead a successful team sustainably. Coaching can help you become an inspirational leader who shows up authentically at work – with the ability to think deeply, reflect, and use your understanding, self-awareness and belief in yourself and others to initiate action and catalyse results.

And until you have the opportunity to work with a professional leadership coach, here are a few practical interventions you can consider to set-up your team for success while you are developing and fine-tuning your leadership style.

1. Clarify expectations

2. Provide feedback

3. Correct privately; praise publicly

4. Believe in your employees

5. Make targets and rewards achievable

6. Let people know what the company is aiming for

If you’re feeling like there are yet-to-be-discovered leadership skills in you but are uncertain exactly how to activate them, get in contact with me. You might find some benefit in us working together.

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